Understanding Patent Rights

The federal government rewards exclusive rights to patent owners to stop their competitors from copying their patented inventions. Patent owners can stop their competitors use, sell, offer for sale, manufacture, or import their patented invention in the United States. This grant of exclusive rights provides patent owners with excellent competitive edge, as they can legally exclude competitors from competing with them for the same product. Thus, patent owners enjoy having the full market share for their patented product. There are patent agencies like InventHelp that guide inventors through the whole process as you can see from Invent Help reviews.

Besides being able to stop competitors from infringing their products, patent owners can obtain compensatory damages, treble damages, and attorney fees. Compensatory damages must be no less than the reasonably royalty rates for the use of the product. “Treble damages” means the value of compensatory damages multiplied by three. Treble damages are available if the infringement was committed willfully. Attorney fees may be obtained in exceptional cases. An example of an exceptional case is one where the infringement was committed willfully.

Patent remedies can be limited in certain circumstances. For instance, one can generally collect only for infringement damages incurred within 6 years. Another situation that can limit damages is if the infringer lacked notice of the patented status of the product. Thus, patent owners should mark their products with either the word “patented” or with the US patent number. Patent owners should not, however, falsely label their products as being patented if they are not so.

A patent file history contains the originally submitted application and the correspondences between the US Patent and Trademark Examiner and the applicant. The patent file history is important because it contains all the arguments the applicant used to persuade the USPTO examiner that the applicant’s invention is patentable. The patent file history is also important in that it contains all the prior patents or publications the USPTO regarded as relevant to the patentability of the applicant’s invention. If you are still confused about something Inventhelp experts can help you out.

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The Reasons Why People Are Vegan

There are three main reasons why people are vegan: health, environment, and animal rights.

The underlying principle of all three of these reasons is compassion, nonviolence – ahimsa. The following three issues are detailed below.


There’s a plethora of information regarding the impacts of our food choices. More and more scientific journals (clinical, health journals and of nutrition) are showing that plant-based (vegan) diets help to alleviate chronic disease. Whether the ailment be diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity, studies have linked many of our world’s leading causes of death with meat and animals products. There is evidence that many chronic conditions may be preventable on a healthy vegan diet.


Meat and dairy production has a very harsh environmental footprint. Many diets that are meat-centered use a lot of our world’s resources to produce, including electricity, water, and even cutting down the rainforest to make space for pastures for beef to be grown. It takes many resources to produce one pound of meat. Vegetables, on the other hand, have the potential to feed the world without the heavy use of our world’s natural resources. As developing civilizations move to mimic a Western diet, economists and food planners are realizing that we do not have enough space in our world to grow the (mostly GMO) soy and corn and space to raise the cattle and other livestock to feed the world in the way that Americans and other Western civilizations currently treat and consume food. A vegan diet uses many fewer resources and is a sustainable path for alleviating world hunger.

Animal Rights

Animals are living breathing beings. Animals are conscious and alive. Every day there is senseless cruelty performed against animals. Animals (including fish) have subjective consciousness, feelings, and display social intelligence and social patterns. There is no need for humans to eat animals. Factory farms are abysmal. There are even vegan plant based meat products as an meat alternative.

People are Vegan for Many Reasons

Different issues will resonate with different people for why they have chosen to eat the plant-strong diet. Vegan diets are suitable for athletes, as well as people with lower intensity exercise routines. Being vegan for ethical reasons will most likely lead to being 100% vegan (and not breaking it for “oh it’s just a piece of cheese”) because with an outlook that recognizes the suffering of animals you are less likely to partake in the rape, mutilation and murder of other living (animal) species’ on this planet. That being said, many people are simply vegan because it is a smart health choice. Micro-nutrients and phytonutrients are highly concentrated in plants, especially true in dark leafy greens. These kind and compassionate foods will allow anyone who eats them to be strong, with clear, focused energy and mental clarity. Others become vegan as they recognize the importance of having a low impact eco-footprint and make the choice of being vegan for compassionate reasons – as the vegan diet does no harm to mother Earth. Making sustainable choices will leave our world a better place for future generations.

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