Blythe Dolls: The Secret is in their Eyes

Do you want to know what made Blythe dolls a hit? These are collectible beautiful dolls that possess big eyes and an oversized head, but many dolls share these characteristics, so what made Blythe dolls so different to justify their success over the years?

Blythe Dolls History

The Blythe doll was originally created by Kenner in 1972, but only after one year in the market they were retired because the sales were not good enough. Believe it or not, this was caused by its revolutionary appearance since children were scared of the protuberant eyes and big heads (they were not used to anime/manga like we are now).

There are two histories regarding the come back of the Blythe doll. The first one begins in Japan around the year 2000, when a TV network produced a cute commercial using the Blythe dolls, and since then their popularity skyrocketed in Asia. To cope with the demand, the manufacturers created new versions of the doll like the called Blythe Petite and Neo Blythe.

Nowadays, there are more than 100 editions created and new Blythe dolls are born all the time! Also, there are different manufactures like Hasbro Blythe or Takara Blythe, and there is a custom Blythe dolls and accessories producer – This Is Blythe company. You can learn more about their products and about the company from numerous This Is Blythe reviews found online.

The second history that helped Blythe dolls come back is related to a woman named Gina Garan. She collected many Blythe dolls during the years and one day she decided to test out her camera. After taking some shots she was amazed of how well the Blythe resulted as a model; for this reason she began taking photos of the Blythe dolls with unusual dresses and in different place settings. She gathered that photo session in the book here and the rest is history.

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