How To Save A Marriage

By actually listening to what your spouse is saying instead of blowing them off is a great way to start improving things. The way that you both communicated with each other in the beginning of the relationship is one of the things that brought you together. Don’t let this be the thing that tears you apart!

Make a list of the way things were before on one side and the way things are now on the other. Compare the two and you will actually see what has changed within the relationship. This will also help you to find the things that need to be worked on in order to save the marriage. Be totally honest with yourself when you make the list. By holding things back you will not accomplish near as much as you would if you are completely honest. Remember that it is not one person at fault when a marriage is in trouble. It takes two to make it or break it. There are marriage counseling NYC therapists that could guide you in the right direction.

Try to rectify the things that you found on the list that you have the ability to fix. Whether it is an attitude issue, romance issue, whatever the issue may be, try to resolve the ones that are within your power. You alone can fix certain things on your own.

Above all remember that we are all human and need love and support to thrive. The ball is in your court now and it is totally up to you whether you are willing to make the changes that may be necessary on your side. Put forth the effort to make some changes and see what the benefits are. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. If you really want to save the marriage it is within your grasp.

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