Metal Fabricators

Metal Fabricators are the keystone to the entire metal fabrication process. The industry is of great significance in almost every industry sector in modern day society. Take for instance the energy sector.

Many recent innovative processes in the energy sector or due to the advancement in technologies capitalizing on metal fabricators services. Small and large energy companies rely on metal fabricators, such as the Arktek Industries, for their proven industry experience.

Through metal fabrication, the energy sector has been able to advance technology, and also relies heavy on the services for the operation and maintenance of complex refinery equipment.

Besides the refining industry, other energy sectors that also heavily rely on metal fabricators are battery and fuel cell manufacturers. Metal fabrication on a detailed level is responsible for the assembling of lithium-ion batteries, which is getting more popular due to their high voltage, power density, and low weight compared to other battery energy sources.

With this, and machinery needed for all types of manufacturing, the demand for good metal fabricators is increasing. More automation procedures for large factories creating new products continues to drive the demand for metal fabricators.

If you have an industrial warehouse with heavy machinery, it is always a good idea to have a metal fabricator close on hand, on staff, or a quick phone call away to make sure your machinery is maintained, and kept up to date.

Well, so where can you avail the services of the best metal fabrication welding expert. The answer is simple. Call Arktek Industries today. Arktek have decades of combined experience in metal fabrication from repairing old machinery, to implementing new machinery that will work better and more efficiently.

Buy Guns Online

If you wish to buy guns online, then you should first familiarize yourself with the various types of guns. You should understand the difference between, hand guns, rifles, shotguns, etc. You should get to know about the various gun parts, cleaning supplies, reloading supplies, ammunition, magazines, and gun safety and security measures.

The process to buy guns online is not a difficult one. You could order the firearm from one of the several websites that sell guns online. You should compare the models and gun deals before selecting the gun that would suit your taste and need. You should verify all the fees and shipment costs associated with the sale to avoid unnecessary dispute when the gun is delivered to you.

buy gun online

Normally, the company selling guns online would send the gun to a local dealer from whom you could receive the gun, after inspecting it for quality and functionality. This is to ensure that the company selling the gun or the local dealer provides a copy of the Federal Firearms License to you. If you are ordering other accessories like sights, lasters, holsters, grips, ammunition, etc. when you buy guns online, then ensure that they are also from reputed manufacturers and are of good quality. You should never compromise on the quality aspect just because you buy guns online.

Smith and Wessons is the most popular gun manufacturer in the United States. They have several models to suit various types of requirements. Walther and Beretta are also famous pistol and gun manufacturers with several special types of guns. You could easily find out and compare the prices from the online gun selling websites to select the best model that would suit you. Majority of the websites would also have books and videos about guns, which could be useful, if you are not familiar with the handling of firearms. You could go through them before you buy guns online.

Bass Fishing

When you are getting ready to go out on the water and catch that prize bass that you have always dreamed about, you should probably take some bass fishing tips along with you. These fishing tips will help you to catch the best bass out there in the water, all you have to do is read, and take these fishing tips out on the water with you!

If this is your first fishing trip, fishing for bass, then one of the best fishing tips to take along with you, would be the knowledge about the fish itself. If you know all about the bass, then you are going to have a better chance of catching the fish. Knowing how the bass actually breeds, and where they are located is really going to help you out in the long run!

Keep in mind that bass are not actually found in warmer waters, they tend to prefer moderately cooler waters, so if you are thinking of where to go fishing, a place with a naturally warmer climate is not going to be the best place to fish.

On the location note, you also need to know that bass like to swim in sheltered waters. So once you find the lake or river that you are going to be fishing in, you should look for spot where trees have fallen over in the water.

Now, you need to think about the equipment you are going to use. This is one of the most important fishing tips you could use, because if you are not using the right equipment, then you are going to have a hard time catching the bass that you want. When it comes to the rod and the reel there are many brand names to choose from and the decision is up to you. Start out with something you are comfortable with at first, and build from there.

These fishing tips are just a few types of fishing tips that you can take along with you. They are easy to remember and they are easy to use. These fishing tips will help aid you in your search for the perfect bass fish. Make sure that you know where you are going to fish, pick a location where bass are typically found. If you are fishing at your neighborhood lake, you might have a hard time fishing. From there, choose your fishing spot wisely and choose your bass fishing gear wisely.

As long as you take these simple fishing tips with you when you set out on your fishing trip, you are guaranteed to catch the prize bass that you have always wanted. If you are looking for some more fishing tips for catching the perfect bass, take a look online and see what you can find. There are hundreds of fishing forums online that can help you with whatever you may be looking for. Remember that any bass fishing tips that you can find are going to ensure that you catch the biggest fish possible!


Patents protect new inventions relating to mechanics, software, electronics, and biotechnology. They differ from trademarks in that trademarks protect brands, logos, and other identifiers and from copyrights in that copyrights protect writings, music, and other creative expressions.

Patents include design and utility type patents, as well as the less common plant patents. Design patents protect the ornamental design aspects of an existing article of manufacture. For example, design patents apply to new ornamental shapes of bottles, park benches, sunglasses, and lamps. Utility type patents protect the new and improved functional products or processes. For example, utility patents apply to new software functionality, improvements of mechanical devices, and new methods of making and using products. Importantly, domestic patent protection is completely separate from foreign patent protection.

The patent process is complex, but in essence involves filing a patent application and undergoing examination with a patent examiner at the Patent Office. There are many issues that must be evaluated when filing a patent application including inventorship, disclosures, ownership, publication, and more and having a patent agency, like InventHelp, by your side is important.

Provisional patent applications are commonly requested by potential patent applicants. They are attractive in that they have virtually no formal requirements, can be as minimal as inventor notes and sketches, and can include subject matter for many different inventions. Provisional applications also delay the time for filing formal non-provisional, PCT, and foreign applications by a year. They also can shift the patent term up to one year in the future due to the patent term calculation being based upon the non-provisional filing date. However, provisional applications also may provide a false sense of protection if the associated disclosure materials are non-enabling or limiting in nature. They also don’t result in examination unless a non-provisional application is requested within the requisite time frame.

Non-provisional applications are the formal utility application that result in examination and have the potential for issuance. They are complicated documents, requiring adherence to a host of laws and regulations and must be prepared with an eye toward examination, licensing, and litigation. Once filed, non-provisional applications typically undergo examination approximately a year to two after filing. There is no guarantee of patent issuance as each non-provisional application must undergo a rigorous examination procedure before the Patent Office. So, hiring professionals, like Invent Help agency is imperative.

As indicated above, foreign patent applications must be separately filed from domestic patent applications. Protection is afforded on a country by country basis. One option for delaying filings of foreign patent applications is the international PCT application. Upon filing, this application can preserve patent rights in 148 countries, including the U.S., the EU, and Eurasia, and delay the time frame for filing applications in these countries for at least 30 months.

Understanding Patent Rights

The federal government rewards exclusive rights to patent owners to stop their competitors from copying their patented inventions. Patent owners can stop their competitors use, sell, offer for sale, manufacture, or import their patented invention in the United States. This grant of exclusive rights provides patent owners with excellent competitive edge, as they can legally exclude competitors from competing with them for the same product. Thus, patent owners enjoy having the full market share for their patented product. There are patent agencies like InventHelp that guide inventors through the whole process as you can see from Invent Help reviews.

Besides being able to stop competitors from infringing their products, patent owners can obtain compensatory damages, treble damages, and attorney fees. Compensatory damages must be no less than the reasonably royalty rates for the use of the product. “Treble damages” means the value of compensatory damages multiplied by three. Treble damages are available if the infringement was committed willfully. Attorney fees may be obtained in exceptional cases. An example of an exceptional case is one where the infringement was committed willfully.

Patent remedies can be limited in certain circumstances. For instance, one can generally collect only for infringement damages incurred within 6 years. Another situation that can limit damages is if the infringer lacked notice of the patented status of the product. Thus, patent owners should mark their products with either the word “patented” or with the US patent number. Patent owners should not, however, falsely label their products as being patented if they are not so.

A patent file history contains the originally submitted application and the correspondences between the US Patent and Trademark Examiner and the applicant. The patent file history is important because it contains all the arguments the applicant used to persuade the USPTO examiner that the applicant’s invention is patentable. The patent file history is also important in that it contains all the prior patents or publications the USPTO regarded as relevant to the patentability of the applicant’s invention. If you are still confused about something Inventhelp experts can help you out.

Naming Your Dog

Before adopting a dog it is necessary to reconsider it for a moment. If you spend very short time at home every day there is reason to keep a dog shut-in inside your house or your apartment waiting for you to come back from work. A dog needs a family and friends to play with it, a lot of love and attention; it needs a daily walk and discipline that a person with more time will be able to give it. If have considered the responsibility that implies having a dog and you think that you will be able to give it what it needs, then you can start by choosing a proper name.

When you get to see for the very first time your new puppy, you are able to choose the proper name for it according to its characteristics and personality. This is going to be one of the most important steps in your relationship, the new name will have incidence on its behavior and learning process in the future. Dogs respond to their name when they are called by their owner, therefore the most experimented trainers of dogs recommend the selection of a name with one or two syllables at most.

If you are adopting a grown up doggy, although it may be a little bit difficult to change its name, it is worth to try, you’ll see puppies that are given in adoption are regularly needing a new and better life, the old name of the dog could be associated to negative experiences from its past, and one simple way to begin to erase that past would be changing its name to something that is unrelated, by adopting this doggie you are giving it a new chance to live a better life on your side, always with enough love, attention and discipline.

At the moment of choosing the new name for the puppy, it is important for you to consider that this will be its name for the rest of the time (once you get used to a name it will be really difficult to change it), therefore it is useless to base the selection of the name on a few characteristics of your dog when it is still a puppy, names like “Tiny” or “scut” or “tobby” will not look exactly nice on a German shepherd or a St. Bernard when they get the adult phase.

As the trainers have explained, dogs are more receptive to short names, and the most recommended names are those that contain the vowels “a” and “o”. Long names aren’t practical, they difficult the reaction of the dog to an order, besides you can confuse it if you are not expressing clearly. The dog responds more to a sound instead to a meaning. He creates the associations through the training and learning, between the sounds they hear from us with specific meanings depending even of the tone.

Requirements that should be followed to choose the right name

Anyhow, you should know that whatever you choose as a name for your dog, here are some requirements that you should take into account:

The name must be short with a length of at most three syllables, in this way it will be easier for the dog to associate and remember it. But the name shouldn’t be of only one syllable because the dog can get confused.

It is not advisable to use the name of a person to name a dog.

Try to choose a name with a sound different from the words of common use, for instance a name like Bo sounds a lot like Go.

You can choose the name of your dog by taking a closer look to the characteristics of your dog. It means that the name you choose must be related to the description or temper of your dog. For instance, “Princess” is a beautiful name for a sweet and very small doggy; “Bandit” can be nice for a dog with a temper a little bit audacious. You can also take into account physical characteristics like the color of its fur can also give you some ideas about the name for your dog like “Whitey” or “Spot”.

Be creative with the names. You can get more ideas for dog names from history, cartoons, comics, mythology as Greek names for dogs, Egyptian mythology names and more.

The name that you choose for your dog, you must use it with frequency, every time you play with your pet, when you are giving it a caress and when you spend time with your dog.

Never yell its name; you must say it in a neutral or happy tone.

If you are adopting a puppy, then do not overwhelm it with too much instructions, it is like a baby which will require a lot of patience from you.

Give your dog a lot of love.

Fruits & Veggies for Guinea Pig

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have fresh fruits and vegetables for your guinea pig DAILY. They help provide nutrients such as Vitamin C in addition to pellets and hay and they are also an amazing treat. My guineas squeak with delight every time I open the refrigerator door and they here a bag rustle. Fruits and vegetables are also a great way to reward your guinea pig and teaching them tricks.

It is 100 times more important to know what fruits and what vegetables you can feed your guinea pig. All fruits and veggies are not made equal!!! Some can be dangerous and poisonous to your pet and others just contain little or no nutritional value. Because of this I have made a quick and easy list of vegetables that are guinea pig safe and nutritionally sound.


Carrots – My guinea pigs Rascal and Alvin absolutely love carrots. I find it cheaper to buy a bag of whole carrots and break them up rather than buying baby carrots.

Lettuce – Romaine lettuce is a great alternative to iceberg lettuce that is high in nitrates and is nutritionally safe. I give my guinea pigs each a leaf a day. They love it!!!

Green/Red/Yellow/Orange bell peppers – 1/8 pepper sliced per guinea pig. Green and Yellow can be fed daily. Red bell peppers are high and sugar and should only be given once a week

Swiss Chard – Feed a large leaf 3-4 times a week. Very nutritional for Guinea Pigs

Radicchio – Feed them a leaf or two every couple of days.

Endive – Feed a large leaf 3-4 times a week.

Cilantro and Parsley – Good and Safe. Most responsible guinea pig owners feed 2 spigs about every other day

Parsley – Feeding twice a week will be perfect

Green Beans – One pod per pig twice a week will be good

Peas – One or two pods twice a week

Kale – Many Owners feed their guineas a couple leaves a week. This can cause gas so use sparingly if at all. Avoid all together if you piggies have had bad gas problems. What about celery, is celery safe for guinea pigs? Yes it is, but with moderation.


Zucchini – Perfectly fine for guineas and they enjoy the skins as well! My two boys share a whole one a week.(portioned off of course)

Tomatoes – one cherry or two grape tomatoes are fine per pig per day.

Strawberries – My guinea pigs enjoy a strawberry a couple times a week. It’s not their favorite but they’ll eat it. They usually eat the leaves on the top and leave most of the fruit behind.

Berries – Gooseberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, etc. All okay in small quantities. I give each of my Guinea some type of berry every morning. They enjoy some over others.

Oranges – Oranges are an amazing source of Vitamin C! The problem is that citrus fruit can leave sores in a guinea pigs mouth. So try feeding each pig one small slice a day or every other day. They will generally eat the fruit and leave the peel.

Squash – Also good for guinea pigs. I buy one small squash a week.

Watermelon – My Rascal loves watermelon. It’s perfectly fine for him. He can even eat the rind! The only downfall is that it stains his white hair red for the day…

Apples – Very high in sugar. I might give my guineas a slice a week. But they aren’t too crazy about them.

Melons – Rascal just loves his melons! They are high in sugar so I only give him some twice a week.

The Reasons Why People Are Vegan

There are three main reasons why people are vegan: health, environment, and animal rights.

The underlying principle of all three of these reasons is compassion, nonviolence – ahimsa. The following three issues are detailed below.


There’s a plethora of information regarding the impacts of our food choices. More and more scientific journals (clinical, health journals and of nutrition) are showing that plant-based (vegan) diets help to alleviate chronic disease. Whether the ailment be diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity, studies have linked many of our world’s leading causes of death with meat and animals products. There is evidence that many chronic conditions may be preventable on a healthy vegan diet.


Meat and dairy production has a very harsh environmental footprint. Many diets that are meat-centered use a lot of our world’s resources to produce, including electricity, water, and even cutting down the rainforest to make space for pastures for beef to be grown. It takes many resources to produce one pound of meat. Vegetables, on the other hand, have the potential to feed the world without the heavy use of our world’s natural resources. As developing civilizations move to mimic a Western diet, economists and food planners are realizing that we do not have enough space in our world to grow the (mostly GMO) soy and corn and space to raise the cattle and other livestock to feed the world in the way that Americans and other Western civilizations currently treat and consume food. A vegan diet uses many fewer resources and is a sustainable path for alleviating world hunger.

Animal Rights

Animals are living breathing beings. Animals are conscious and alive. Every day there is senseless cruelty performed against animals. Animals (including fish) have subjective consciousness, feelings, and display social intelligence and social patterns. There is no need for humans to eat animals. Factory farms are abysmal. There are even vegan plant based meat products as an meat alternative.

People are Vegan for Many Reasons

Different issues will resonate with different people for why they have chosen to eat the plant-strong diet. Vegan diets are suitable for athletes, as well as people with lower intensity exercise routines. Being vegan for ethical reasons will most likely lead to being 100% vegan (and not breaking it for “oh it’s just a piece of cheese”) because with an outlook that recognizes the suffering of animals you are less likely to partake in the rape, mutilation and murder of other living (animal) species’ on this planet. That being said, many people are simply vegan because it is a smart health choice. Micro-nutrients and phytonutrients are highly concentrated in plants, especially true in dark leafy greens. These kind and compassionate foods will allow anyone who eats them to be strong, with clear, focused energy and mental clarity. Others become vegan as they recognize the importance of having a low impact eco-footprint and make the choice of being vegan for compassionate reasons – as the vegan diet does no harm to mother Earth. Making sustainable choices will leave our world a better place for future generations.

Importance of STD Testing

The reality is that there are many kinds of infections that may not show any symptoms until it’s your already in a severe stage of the disease. Your partner will respect your decision to get STD tested, and you should never feel ashamed to to talk openly with your partner about how to get STD tested. It may even be easier if you are able to ask your partner, “where can I get STD tested,” to break the ice.

If you Get STD tested, it can be the best possible way to get answers and be secure about your own health. Many people would even recommend to get STD tested before and after every relationship, sexual or not. There are at home STD tests as well where you can get tested from the comfort of your home.

STDs can be transferred in intimate activities other than the act of sex itself. It really should be an inevitable conversation to have with your partner, for security and to build trust in a relationship. Even if your partner is a little uneasy about the subject, you can reassure them that this is a benefit for the both of you to get STD tested.

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