Pawesome Ideas For Badass Dog Names

Dogs are the best. They’re loyal, they’re fun, and they’re always up for a good game of fetch.

But there’s one thing about dogs that might not be obvious to you: dogs can be pretty tough!

Whether your dog is a champion weight-lifter or just really good at tumbling into a ball when it’s bedtime, there’s no denying that your dog has some serious skills. And since we think every dog deserves to be recognized for its badassery, we’ve got a list of tough dog names to help you find the perfect name for your little furry friend.

So whether your dog is an expert digger or an acrobat in disguise, here are some tough dog names that will let everyone know just how hardworking—and adorable—your pup is:

  • Champion: This one’s a no-brainer. If your dog is a champion, then it is definitely worth shouting about! Go with this name if you want to give your pup some serious bragging rights.
  • Rocky: This classic name has a lot of tough-guy appeal. It’s also easy to shorten to “Rocco,” which is sure to make everyone smile.
  • Macho: If your dog is a bit of a ladies’ man, then “Macho” is the perfect nickname for him. It’s also easy to shorten to “Mocho,” which makes it even more fun to say!
  • Maverick: This name has an air of rebellious cool about it. It’s a great choice for the dog who is constantly up to no good—and always getting away with it!
  • Hercules: This name is a perfect choice for an oversized dog. It’s also ideal if your pup is a hero in your eyes—and everyone else’s, too!
  • Tuff: This name is a great choice for your dog if he’s tough as nails. It’s also easy to shorten to “Tuffy,” which will make everyone smile.
  • Duke: Who doesn’t love a good duke? This classic name has been popular for centuries, and it’s still just as cute today!
  • Bulldozer: This name is perfect if your dog is a little bulldozer. It would also be great for a pup that’s always pushing his way into the middle of things.

If you need more naming inspiration, try searching online. Type something like “gangster names for dogs” or “badass names for dogs” and you will get the best results with hundreds of names to choose from.

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