The Benefits of a Rifle For Home Defense

Many rifles typically have a high ammunition capacity, which would be beneficial in a home intrusion situation. Rifles are very powerful and would easily take out any target. In rural areas, rifles have the added benefit of long distance range and accuracy, helping take care of any small animal pests that may be destructing your property. Rifles also have a very intimidating appearance, which could scare off a home intruder just at the sight of the gun.

The Downside of a Rifle For Home Defense

Although there is some upside to using a rifle for home defense situations, the downside is much greater. First of all, rifles are typically very long and bulky, making them hard to maneuver and manage in the tight corridors of one’s home.

Second, rifles are typically most beneficial in long range situations and are less effective in shooting moving targets at close distances. A home intruder may be able to easily dodge the bullets coming from a rifle. Finally, rifles typically are very expensive and not the best option for the cost conscious first time gun owner.

Benefits of an Assault Rifle For Home Defense

If one has enough money to spend on a firearm, an assault rifle may be one of your best options. It’s no mistake that the assault rifle is the gun of choice for troops around the world.

Unlike single shot rifles, assault rifles typically have a very large ammunition capacity. They are also very accurate both at close and long range distances. Finally, if you ever did run out of ammunition, assault rifles can also be used to hit somebody. Overall, assault rifles may be the best option to have in a home intrusion situation.

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