The Laws on Drug Testing

While there are no federal laws that require employers to test their employees for drugs, it’s up to individual states to decide whether or not they want to enact such laws. Some states even have laws requiring employers to test all new hires and random testing of current employees, while others only allow testing if there’s reasonable suspicion of drug use on the job.

Because drug tests are required by law in some states and not in others, it’s important for job seekers to know what their state laws are before applying for a job. In addition, if you live in a state where employers aren’t required by law to drug test employees, you should avoid doing anything that might lead an employer to suspect illegal substance use during your time off work .

In many states, employers are allowed to drug test employees for any reason other than race, religion or gender. However, some states have laws that limit employers’ rights to drug test employees. In California, for example, employers aren’t allowed to conduct random drug tests on their employees unless there’s reasonable suspicion of substance abuse and the employee’s job duties involve safety issues.

Why Do Companies Drug Test?

The reason that employers drug test their employees varies by employer. Some businesses choose to do so because they want to ensure a safe work environment and avoid accidents due to substance abuse. Other companies might be concerned about liability issues if an employee injures someone while working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For example, if an employee drives a company vehicle while intoxicated, both the driver and the business could face legal repercussions if someone is injured in an accident caused by the employee’s intoxicated state. Some employers may also be concerned with employee productivity. If an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may not be able to perform their job duties as well as they would if sober. This could lead to slower work output and lower quality of work.

Is Drug Test Mandatory in FedEx?

While most employers will want to include a drug test as part of their pre-employment screening process, not all companies are required to do so. So, does Fedex drug test? FedEx is one company that does not require a drug test before hiring new employees, and it doesn’t have any specific policies addressing substance abuse while on the job either.

According to FedEx’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy, the company requires all employees who are in safety-sensitive positions or positions that require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to be tested. This means that any employee who drives a vehicle or is responsible for driving other people around is required by FedEx.

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