What You Need To Know About Surgical Staples

Surgical staples are used to close wounds after surgery. They are made of metal and plastic, and they come in different sizes.

Surgical staples are used to close wounds after surgery. They are made of metal and plastic, and they come in different sizes.

Surgical staples are made of either titanium or stainless steel. They may be flat, curved or U-shaped, depending on the type of wound they’re being used for.

The staple can be placed over the wound or on top of it.

There are two ways to use surgical staples:

Staple Gun

The doctor pushes down on the trigger of a staple gun that uses surgical staples attached to a strip of gauze or other material all at once. The staple goes through the skin, gauze and underlying tissue at once, closing off the incision site completely. This method is often used during laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgeries because it allows doctors to see better inside their patients’ bodies during the procedure. It also reduces bleeding since there is no need for sutures in some cases.

Hand Stapler

This tool looks like a pair of scissors with blades that open up when you squeeze them together. The doctor squeezes the handles together until he or she hears a click, which means the staple is ready to be used. The doctor then inserts the tool through your skin and gauze, placing it just under the tissue layer where he or she wants the incision closed off. When the handles are squeezed together again, the stapler staples together whatever tissue it is pressing against (usually skin and gauze).

Complications Caused By Surgical Staples

There are a couple possible complications that can occur when staples are used to close wounds. These include:

  • Infection — If the staplers don’t penetrate all of the way through your skin and tissue layers, bacteria can get trapped between these two layers and cause an infection.
  • Bleeding — Blood vessels can be cut by the stapler, causing bleeding. This is usually a sign that your wound hasn’t been closed properly.
  • Staples becoming loose — If the staples aren’t placed correctly, they can become loose and fall out of place.
  • Staples causing scarring — If staples are used incorrectly, they can cause permanent scarring.
  • Pain — The staple itself can cause pain when it’s inserted into your skin. This is usually temporary and goes away with time.

Surgical Staples Complications And Law

Patients who had complications caused by Ethicon surgical staples are able to file a legal action against Ethicon and other manufacturers of surgical staplers. Patients can seek compensation for their injuries, including lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. If you’ve had a similar experience, you can contact an attorney to discuss your Ethicon lawsuit staples case today.

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