Staying Warm When it is Cold Outside

When it starts getting darker and the temperature begins to dip towards freezing you know it is time to start thinking about what the different types of men’s winter jackets that is available and which one you are going to wear this year. There are several different styles to choose from to keep you warm when cold weather starts nipping at your toes; each of them is capable of keeping you nice and warm depending on what you are planning to do when you are out in the cold weather. From snow proof to waterproof the choice is yours. The most important thing is to make sure that you stay warm.

Outdoor Sports

Winter is the perfect time for sports; in fact more people take part in some form of winter sport than in most summer sports. Skiing and snowboarding have become among the fastest growing sports in the world and as such the men’s winter jacket designed just for these sports is some of the warmest jackets currently being made.

If you are looking for one of these men’s winter jackets there are a few things that you need to know about. The most important is the construction of the jacket. It needs to be waterproof to a minimum level of 125 – 150 cm so that no matter how much powder you play in you will stay dry. On top of this while it keeps the wet out, it must also let the sweat from inside get out so you stay dry, today’s best jackets are made with breathable cloth that lets the steam of sweat out but keeps you warm and dry on the inside.

Casual Wear

There are some very good selections of casual men winter jackets that will keep you looking good while you are warm at the same time. The Navy Pea jacket is always a good choice, made of pure heavy duty wool all you need to stay warm is a good scarf and a hat to keep your head warm.

Leather is a good choice for any time of the year and for the winter you really cannot go wrong with a 1940s vintage men’s leather bomber jacket. Initially created for the US Army Air these jackets were made from shearling goatskin. When the bombers were in flight the temperatures inside were often far below freezing in the winter time. These super warm jackets kept the crew warm and ready to do their jobs. If they were capable of keeping the aircrew warm at high altitude, imagine how warm you will be this winter.

What ever winter jacket style you are looking for, the internet is the best place to start your search. There are a lot of reputable online fashion portals, such as the Phrase – best Norway fashion portal with great collection and with great deals on winter jackets.

It is not hard to stay warm in the winter, the real trick is to make sure you get a good sturdy jacket that has plenty of insulation and do not scrimp on the budget. You get what you pay for and men’s winter jackets are no place to cut corners if you want to stay warm.

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