Protect Your Property With Best Termite Treatment

Have you recently experienced a termite infestation in your home or office? Are you looking for a best termite treatment in Oslo? Since most types of termites can actually eat up to 6.8 kg of wood a week, if not treated at the right time, they can cause extensive amount of structural damages in a short period of time.

In most cases, it is advised to call for professional Oslo pest control service to curb the situation in the right time. A professional will perform one of the most effective and efficient treatment as per the prevailing conditions. The treatments followed by professionals and households are:

  • Mechanical alteration
  • Soil treatment
  • Wood treatment
  • Termite bait systems

Termite targets wet and moist wood. So, if you live in a place with naturally humid climate, you are at a high risk of termite infestation. If you are looking for best termite treatment to get rid of termite infestations in your home or office, following are three most common methods that you can opt for.

1. Liquid Termiticide Treatment

The first and most commonly used method is the liquid termiticide treatment. In this process, you are required to dig a trench around your home. It should be six inches wide and six inches deep.

Now, place approximately 12 gallons of liquid termiticide in the trench. The 12 gallons of liquid should be spread 30 feet of trench. This is an effective strategy because the most common type of termite i.e Subterranean termites comes from the soil, and if you will surround your home with liquid termiticide treatment then you will have the problem solved!

2. Baiting System

The second most common way to control termites is baiting system. In this process, baits containing paper, cardboard, and other forms are combined with lethal poison. When the crawling termites come in contact with this food, they eat some and carry some to feed others in the nest. Today, there are number of formulas available in the market suitable to treat all degree of infestations. Some of the formulas might show slow results, while others may act instantly.

The only challenge in making the bait is that it should look appetizing so it is able to attract termites. They should be tempted to choose bait as their meal instead of stumps and tasty tree root. It is a quick way to inject poison in the perfect strength so the termites do not die quickly and affect others too. This is a great way to kill them as a whole, instead a few only.

3. Fumigation

Last but not the least! This is a final and most effective way to treat the entire house infested with termites. Fumigation can treat the entire house in one go. In fact, situations in which the entire colony is infested are treated with fumigation system. Fumigation helps to reach every nook and corner in which terminates might be living.

Oslo pest control professionals cover your home with a giant tent and pump gas that effectively kills termites. Pest control officer will help you decide on the most appropriate choice of fumigation for you.

Professionals have the knowledge and expertise in this field. They are aware of the construction of the building, and have the skill to identify the problem area without much digging and examination. Since most of the infested areas may not be easy to access, you would always need expert guidance to ensure it is completely treated.

So unless you want your house to get completely wrecked by termites, it is crucial to call professional Oslo skadedyr control. They know their work best and would advise you with best termite treatment for your situation. This is the reason why most people consider hiring professional companies to walk them through this problem. Since most people are not knowledgeable they don’t like taking chances with their house. Having a professional treatment done will ensure peace of mind and healthy living environment.

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